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More about Parrish, Florida

Get quick Parrish FL real estate facts

  • Homes planned:  23,000

  • Homes for sale:  150-200 at any given time

  • Price range:  low $200,000's to $2 million

  • Parrish FL HOA fees:  range $225 quarterly to $3500 annually

  • Parrish FL CDD fees:  range $337 to $3262 annually

  • Flood zone:  X, low risk

  • Nearby:  Ellenton Outlet Mall, 5 miles, 60 miles to TIA, UTC Mall 19 miles, Sarasota 27 miles, Holmes Beach 23 miles

Get a Parrish FL demographic report

Parrish FL real estate demographic report

Parrish FL location map

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